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A boy lies in bed in a hospital room. He's been in a strange coma for almost a week now. The people close to him asked the doctor what the cause was. The doctor stays silent for a second and slowly begins to tell them that there is some strange chemical imbalance in the boy's body. This kind of problem has never been seen before, he told them, but he had discovered what could possibly be the cause. He told them that it might sound strange, and unrealistic, but the boy had died of a broken heart. The boy's company couldn't believe it.

Before they said anything to the doctor quickly stated that he once had a depression patient that had almost similar signals and didn't improve with any medicine, or treatment. The doctor did tests on him for certain things, and none of them came out good. Until one week, someone started visiting him, and his symptoms quickly improved. That patient had fallen in love with this person and was better quicker than ever. The doctor had made follow up appointments for this patient and saw that he was perfectly fine.

The doctor sighed and looked over at the boy and told them again, that the boy was in a coma, due to heartbreak. The boys company looked at each other; they all knew what to do. The company left the room, all looking back at the peaceful boy lying there. As they left the hospital and went their separate ways, they all began making calls and contacting people, trying to get hold of someone who they all knew could help him.

The next day, they all came back to visit, this time with a guest. This guest was a girl, and as she entered the room she stared at the boy lying unconscious on the bed. With her eyes now teary, she walked over to the boy's side and sat down next to him. She stared at him; not believing who it is that is lying there. She gently grabs his hand and holds it in hers, and she begins to talk to the boy. As she talked and softly called out to the boy, their company left the room, leaving them alone. The girl sat there for hours, whispering to the boy and softly singing to him.

They told her everything the doctor said, and she understood everything. She stayed by the boy's side all day, and fell asleep in a chair staying with him over night. She continued to stay by his for six days, only leaving when needed to. On the next day, the doctor came in to check on the boy, and saw that nothing has improved. The girl wanted to know why the boy wasn't getting better, and told the doctor he must have been wrong. The doctor knows he was right, without a doubt. And it wasn't him that was the problem. The doctor now realized the problem as to why the boy will not wake up with the girls help.

The girl didn't want the boy to die. She wanted him to wake up and see everyone. She wanted him to be happy that he's better he gets up and sees her there. The boy didn't want to die. The boy didn't want to be alone. The boy didn't want to hurt anymore. The boy couldn't wake up from his heartbreak coma, because the girl he gave up everything for, the girl he promised to stay with, the girl that's standing next to him, crying, calling, singing to him. The girl he loves. The only known girl that could save the boy's life, no longer loves the boy. She wants to help him, but she doesn't love him. Because she doesn't love him, she cannot help him.
Not sure what caused this scene to appear in my mind, but it was something that definitely needed to be written. please remember that any kind of medical anything in this story is not true (that i currently know of)
Xenaleena Featured By Owner May 8, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
This is sad D': I feel sorry for him :(
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